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What You Need Will Depend On Your Competition Level, Sales Region Size & E-Commerce Needs

Individual Services

We can be integrated into an existing marketing strategy with any of our standalone services. For companies who have a specific need, prices cannot be provided as website architecture may greatly vary in the amount of hours needed to execute certain optimization best practices. To get a price on our individual services, simply contact us to start the discussion and get a quote.

Tiered Packages

We will handle the digital strategy so you can focus on your passions. These were developed based on hundreds of client interactions and every one includes internet listing standardization free of additional cost. While our Tiered packages do not include website design, the purchase of a website through us greatly reduces the overhead in SEO & copy implementation.

Search Engine Optimization

In the early 2000’s it was easy to build backlinks anywhere on the web, cover your page in keywords and enjoy the traffic. Do that today, you get taken off of Google & Bing because it’s their job to deliver useful content to users. Using linguistics, multivariate testing, & color theory we will increase your organic lead totals.

Content Development

Writing thoughtful, search engine friendly, & engaging content can be challenging. Allow us to put out the effort needed to set your content apart and ensure it attracts more customers to you organically. This can be part of a new campaign, existing site, or be in regards to consulting. Includes written, musical, video & live event options.

Digital Marketing Services

We reach customers throughout the web with sponsored podcasts, video ads, banner ads, in-app adverts, and e-mail marketing. Through Google AdWords, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, & many more we bring in new customers. Online sales channels such as Amazon, Google Shopping or Shopify can be managed for you.

Social Media Management

We are no lightweight here as our Director of Social Media is a former Social Media Advisor for HP internationally as recently as 2011. Sure you might Facebook & Twitter…but do you Google+ & Quora? We can bat with the bigs on the primary social networks while getting you grassroots customers in the most valuable corners of the net.

Website Design & Development

Our websites are beautifully designed, 100% mobile friendly & wonderfully dynamic. Most importantly, they are results tested & ROI proven for results. We have built 100+ websites for customers of every niche, with e-commerce options for real, timely solutions. Whether starting out or celebrating being publicly traded, we have the infrastructure.

Digital Audit Consult

You don’t know what you don’t know. Luckily, we do. With a variety of tools we can look through your site & identify any issues search engines might have with your site. In addition, we communicate in report & verbal form ways to fix and improve your ranking. Have any suspicion about your marketing company being ineffective?

On-Site Internal Training

Want someone on your team or within your organization to become your marketing expert, ensuring you adhere to your brand guidelines when advertising & eliminate the overhead of monthly agency costs? We use education to lift the veil of misunderstanding between your brick & mortar customers, & your digital ones.

Start An Agency

I will help you build an entire business that does what we do. Why? All too quickly we are running out of people who are skilled in various areas of our increasingly cyber-world. After we get through things like customer intake, service offering & materials then we can get to getting your business recognized as a Facebook or Google Marketing Partner.


For Local Businesses


■ Keyword Research & Campaign Planning
■ Install Google Analytics
■ Install Google Search Console
■ Build Robots.txt File For Search
■ On-Page Meta+Alt Tags
■ Google PageSpeed 65 Minimum
■ Customer Behavior Report
■ Top Content Overview
■ YouTube Optimization
■ Google MyBusiness Listing
■ Cost Reduction When Bought With Web Design

Basic Digital Package For Local Service Based Industries

The Bare Basics To Begin Ranking On Google, Bing & YouTube

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Advertising is not a one-size-fits-all product. This Tier specializes in helping small businesses break into organic leads in low to medium local markets. The installation of Google Analytics also gives you access to customer intel. With all packages, we offer an hour of training on the Google Analytics dashboard so we can prove what we do works & give the control of business data to the business owner who makes the decisions. At this Tier we do not accept online retail websites, as those require an additional set of services to succeed.

Comes With Social Media Optimization, Monthly Reporting & AdWords Management

TIER 1 Not Recommended For High Competition Industries

Want to be found on Google Maps? Actually appear when you type in your business name to a search engine? Want to find out what your competitors are up to online & what it might take to beat them? Simply by having our Tier 1 services accomplishes all this and much more. In fact this Tier actually reduces digital ad cost up to 20% by improving Google Quality Scores for your pages. If purchased with web design the costs are greatly reduced. Best industry examples include: Salon, Chiropractor, Tax Preparation,  Real Estate Agent, Bar & Restaurants & More. 3 Months Support Included In Setup,


For Regional Businesses

■ Everything In Tier 1 Package+
■ On-Site Schema Tagging
■ Identify Customer Funnel Optimizations
■ 2 Blog Posts/mo.
■ Competitor Cloning & Targeting
■ Google PageSpeed 70 Minimum
■ Customer Behavior Report
■ One Custom Optimized Funnel/mo.
■ Social Media Management (100 Interactions/mo.)
■ 25 High Quality Backlinks/mo.

Digital Package For Regional Service Or Retail Based Industries*

Built For The Established Medium Sized Business Looking To Compete

This Tier is recommended for businesses who want to be competitive in their industry & who may or may not have recognized the need for regular & transparent ad reporting on effectiveness of every dollar spent. Since this Tier supports multi-state businesses, proper schema tagging & page copy optimization with sales areas are key. We send you regular reporting & are always glad to review the results in detail, making sure you know how we are benefiting you. Customers at this Tier have a 92% retention rating within our organization because our patrons see results while learning about what we do & how we do it.

With More Customized SEO Friendly Copy & Optimized Customer Funnels, You Will Turn Heads

TIER 2 Not Recommended For Large Retail Companies Or Nationwide Businesses

How much are your competitors spending on ads? Where & when on which mediums are competitors advertising? How do we beat them? Businesses at this Tier know some of the digital support & infrastructure they need or may have had a bad experience in the past with cyber attacks, poor or ineffective “SEO guys” or other marketing firms that failed to deliver. We handle some Social Media Management at this level so strategies inspired by either our science or your creativity are executed on seamlessly.


For Nationwide Businesses

■ Tier 1 & 2 Packages+
■ Dedicated Google Ad Team
■ Integrated Ad Campaigns
■ 4 SEO Rich Blog Posts/mo.
■ Competitor Market Analysis & Advertising Report
■ Google PageSpeed 80 Minimum
■ 24-7 Support Technicians
■ Amazon Merchant Management
■ Social Media Management (300 Interactions/mo.)
■ 50 High Quality Backlinks/mo.

Full Service Suite For Medium & Large Nationwide Businesses With 24-7 Support

Includes Complete Solutions For Traditional & Digital Advertising Worldwide

You want new media & cross-platform ad campaigns to see returns getting better each week from having a truly integrated company as your advertiser. With support for video ads, tracking phone numbers or complete on-page & off-page SEO, you have the foundation to become a very large business. In fact, at this level you’ll receive nearly identical service to some of the largest computer corporations in the world. This includes HP & Apple, in how they capture new customers and set the tone for the rest of the ad industry by delivering brilliant ad funnels attached to emotional experiences.

We Handle Everything You Want Us To & Deliver Unprecedented Insight

24-7 Support With A 100% Dedicated Team of Technicians & Advertisers

When you need this level of digital support, you need to be able to have insight & access at any time of day. We monitor for negative SEO, website integrity, reputation management opportunities, DDoS attacks, copyright infringement all while keeping an eye on your competitors so they can never get the edge they may have once had. 24-7 support is also available on most holidays including Christmas as most large companies (and managers) have long or varied hours. Reporting is weekly by default but can be increased to the needs of your employees.

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